Monday, March 10, 2008

Caretaker Government

I was casually following the Malaysian 12th General Elections when I made an interesting discovery. That a Malaysian opposition leader had tried to seek a court order to set up a caretaker government after the parliament was dissolved. Unfortunately I don't know the outcome of his application.

A caretaker government is one of the parliamentary innovations esp. in the British Commonwealth. Its principal task is to ensure that the outgoing ruling party will not make use of its’ previous hold on government machinery and public resources to further its interest in the coming elections.

Caretaker governments understandingly have been set up in many first world democratic countries like Italy, Austria and New Zealand. But to my surprise many non-first world and not-so-democratic countries like Palestine, Pakistan, Iraq and even Bangladesh have also adopted the system!

Maybe, PAP should consider adopting the system in future general elections, if not how can it justify its claim that Singapore is a first world country!


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