Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Celebrate the Singapore Spirit

The theme of this year national day celebration is “celebrate the Singapore spirit”. I really do not know what kind of spirit we have to celebrate. We’re all too busy eking out a living that we’re more like zombies with no life or spirit to talk about. The only spirit palpable is the Machiavelli spirit of the government.

The government has been refusing to adjust the wages of Singapore workers though many of us are taking home less pay, in real dollars, than 10 years ago. It claims that wage increment will stoke inflation and make us less competitive. The government however keeps increasing the already humongous salaries of its ministers.

Wage control is of course one of the strategies used by governments to control and manipulate their people. To appear to be a caring government, the PAP leaders will once in a while dish out little goodies like ‘growth dividend’ and ‘work income supplement’ to appease the people. Upon receiving such goodies, the people will be distracted of the real issues at hand and continue to be controlled and manipulated by the Machiavellian government.


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