Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why the Goverment Hates Singaporeans

I gained so much enlightenment after reading Ms Chua Lee Hoong’s profound article, “Why they hate Singapore ” that I’m able to demystify several mysteries in Singapore .

One of these is the government’s resistance to adjust the wages of Singaporean workers.

The wages of the bottom 30% of Singapore workers have fallen and those of the middle class nominally higher by 1%. Why would a self-proclaimed caring and inclusive government not allow Singaporean workers to be fairly remunerated? By Ms Chua’s doctrine it would be because the government hates Singaporeans. And our sin: for being non-talented. Don’t believe? Remember the reason given for the handsome pay rise for the already well paid top civil servants and the ministers? It was to retain and attract talents. By extension of that reason, hard working non-talented Singaporean workers don’t deserve any wage revision even if inflation is at all time high.

Another mystery was the opening of floodgate to foreign workers. Initially only foreigners who either possessed skills that Singaporeans didn’t have or were willing to do jobs shunned by Singaporeans were allowed in. Soon the door was thrown open to all and sundries.

Why does the government allow foreigners to not only depress the wages but to take away jobs from Singaporeans? Again according to Ms Chua’s doctrine it would be because the government hates Singaporeans and for the same sin of being average. Didn’t a Wee Shu Min episode where her MP father’s defense for her and the silence from his political colleagues gave some indication of the disdain the elite government has for the average Singaporeans?


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