Monday, November 03, 2008

The Bad Old Days Are Back!

Some time last year, we were told that we were in a golden period which could stretch out over many years. Instead of having a golden period which hopefully could lead to some kind of renaissance, recent events showed that we are heading back to the bad old days.

Those notorious financially-ruining and fear-instilling court cases are making a fast and furious comeback.

Just this year alone, MM Lee and PM Lee won two defamation suits, one against Dr Chee Soon Juan and the other against Far Eastern Economic Review.

The judiciary appears to miss the 3rd world stage so much that it is now actively seeking out individuals as well as companies to bring them to court. One was charged and convicted for insulting the judge, others are being charged for peaceful protest. It has also taken and taking a series of contempt proceedings against critics like The Wall Street Journal Asia, Dow Jones, three activists who donned kangaroo t-shirts and Nair Gopalan for his articles in his blog.

It appears that our Golden Period has become our Dark Age prematurely, how sad!


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