Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I don't mind the govt making u-turns on policies for that mean they are reviewing and adjusting these policies. However, some reversals do reflect badly on the govt.

In Sep 2004 the govt had denied Chiam See Tong's request to carry out lift upgrading in his ward but now MM Lee has urged Singaporeans to vote for lift upgrading. This change of mind shown that the govt had abused their power - they had rejected Chiam's request solely because he was from the opposition.

In 2001 the govt suddenly decided to let the world know that they had opened up and were ready to accept gays. Since then gays parties were held annually until last Dec when a gay function was denied permit with no reason given. But now Dr Balaji maybe offering a reason. He told parliament that these parties might be the reason for 28 per cent spike in Aids cases last year. While he seemed to be doubting the wisdom of the initial decision, what is more worrying is how thoroughly are issues being discussed and debated upon before their implementations. Were some of the policies implemented as a fire-fighting tactic to meet short term goals rather than long term ones? I only hope that they would be more careful with the casino issue.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Straits Times or Shameless Times?

ST March 11, 2005
NMP chided for bad language in House

By Laurel Teo
A FOUR-letter expletive and another impolite word blurted out in
Parliament earned new Nominated MP Ong Soh Khim a stiff admonition
yesterday for 'dishonourable conduct'.

The mechanical engineering academic was apparently heard uttering the
word 'shit' once and 'rubbish' several times at the close of a debate
on the Education Ministry's budget on Tuesday.

Her conduct was brought to the House's notice yesterday by Speaker
Abdullah Tarmugi, midway through the seven-hour parliamentary session.

Before debate on the Manpower Ministry's budget resumed after a tea
break, a grave-looking Mr Abdullah rose to announce 'a matter
concerning the conduct of an honourable member of the House'.

He said he had received several complaints from MPs that Dr Ong had,
towards the end of Tuesday's sitting, 'uttered certain
unparliamentary words'.

The 35-year-old had also interrupted Deputy Speaker Chew Heng Ching
who was chairing the sitting then.

'Having considered the words unparliamentary, it amounts to
dishonourable conduct. She has also breached the Standing Orders for
interrupting the chair,' said Mr Abdullah sternly.

Adding that she had 'agreed unreservedly to withdraw her remarks', he
then called upon the NMP to make a statement.

Looking discomfited, Dr Ong read out her apology tersely, from a
prepared sheet.

I have always wished that Straits Times could offer more balanced viewpoints and not just parroting PAP propaganda, however, latest developments showed that I could perish the thought!

When PAP censured NMP Dr Ong for using "unparliamentary" words in the parliament sitting, Straits Times had a whale of time shaming Dr Ong. It had her photo splash across the front page. Its reporter sinisterly misled the readers into thinking that Dr Ong had uttered vulgar words by saying "a FOUR-letter expletive and an impolite word blurted out ..." when what Dr Ong said were just shit and rubbish.

Straits Times really reminded me of the nefarious Gang of Four of the old communist China who went on the rampage of humiliating, persecuting and torturing countless number of their innocent people in the 1970s. It is sad and shocking to find that the only mainstream English papers in our "first world" democratic society could behave like the uninitiated third world.

Straits Times has sunk into an abyss of shamelessness!