Thursday, July 19, 2007

If only Li Hongyi.....

The recent Li Hongyi’s email saga has caused my imagination to run wild. I was imagining how blessed we would be if only Li was born a few years earlier and had served in the Public Service for his NS. We would then not have the NKF scandal and the escapade sequel.

The righteous and diligent Li would have conducted his own investigations when doubts were raised time and again by NKF volunteers and members of the public on NKF’s practices.

Even if he would like the story to end when National Council of Social Services revoked NKF’s IPC status (to be able to raise tax-exempt donations from public), he would have taken up the issue again when its IPC status was reinstated.

With his perseverance and high expectations for high ranking public officers, the righteous Li would prevent these officers from falling down on their jobs and thus able to rein in NKF before all hell broke loose.

Well, well, I am only indulging in wistful thinking!