Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First World Toilet

Our terrorist detainee Mas Selamat was rumored to have died while under detention in Whitley Road Detention Centre. That rumor is not only naughty but utterly ridiculous. How could the authority allow him to die they gave him first world treatment!

Just look at the toilet. There are not only no bars or locks of a typical prison setting; the urinals are housed in stall with door. Where else can one get such privacy when doing the mundane task?

Good ventilation is also ensured by an exhaust and a generous obstruction-free ventilation window. And if Mas was still unhappy with the air quality inside the toilet, he was free to inhale the fresh air from outside. All he needed to do was to step up on the ledge thoughtfully provided just below the ventilation window. He could then bend his body over the ventilation window and breathe in all the fresh air he wanted!

So, would an authority that provides such 1st world toilet allow its charges to die under its care? Highly unlikely!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

1st World Democracy?

I was really made speechless by what our two elite leaders said earlier this week.

PM Lee told our two mainstream media that as far as age is concerned none of the current cabinet ministers qualify to succeed him as PM. He thus will have to remain as PM for another 13 years as he looks for a successor.

I wonder if Singapore is practicing democracy or a dynasty where the emperor appoints his own successor.

But what is more appalling is his narrow-minded view on the prerequisite of a PM. He indicated that the PM must have 4As in his A Level Examinations.

No wonder Singapore never progress beyond a nanny state. It is ruled by a parochial and grade-obsessed school master!

In an interview with The Straits Times, MM Lee said Singaporeans are being complacent when they believe that the government will take care of all security matters. Is he trying to push the blame on Mas Selamat’s jail break to the people?

I’m dumbstruck that a leader of MM Lee’s statute would try to shirk responsibility. Doesn’t he always claim that we are a 1st world nation? Shouldn’t 1st world government take responsibility of its actions and mistakes and be prepared to be judged?

Maybe we do have the 1st world hardware but the software is still stuck in the 3rd world!